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Murdering the Unborn

How loony are left-wing AIDS activists?  Enough to tolerate forced abortions.

The State Department has discontinued financing for a small but well-regarded AIDS program for African and Asian refugees because it contends that one of the groups involved in the project supports forced abortions and involuntary sterilization in China, officials said this week.

The decision to end the financing has raised a furor among AIDS and refugee groups. Relief workers fear that officials are bowing to pressure from anti-abortion factions within the Bush administration and allowing politics to interfere with desperately needed AIDS programs, assertions that the State Department denies.

The group, Marie Stopes International, offers abortion counseling and services.

State Department officials acknowledge that they have no evidence to suggest that Marie Stopes is involved in forced abortions or involuntary sterilization, and the group itself says it has been trying to end forced abortions in China and to expand voluntary family planning.

But State Department officials say one problem is that Marie Stopes works as a partner in China with the United Nations Population Fund, a group that was barred from receiving aid last year after the Bush administration determined that it had violated a 1985 law barring the financing of any international group that “supports or participates in the management” of forced abortion or sterilization.

AIDS activists are in a “furor” over this?  This is the same president who has pledged $15 billion to fight AIDS in Africa.  How soon they forget.

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