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Dumb and Dumber

This is sad.

Most voters haven’t started paying attention to the Democratic presidential race, says a poll released on Labor Day weekend the campaign’s traditional starting point.

Two-thirds of voters including two-thirds of Democrats were unable to name any of the Democratic candidates for president, said the CBS News poll out Sunday.

This is even sadder.

Al Sharpton had 5 percent; Bob Graham, a senator from Florida was at 4 percent; John Edwards, a senator from North Carolina, had 2 percent; Carol Moseley Braun was at 2 percent; and Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, had 0 percent. 

Al Sharpton, racist loudmouth with no possible chance of winning, has more support than an essentially viable candidate, Bob Graham.  And another racist lunatic, who was disgraced out of the US Senate, Carole Moseley Braun, has 2%, more than a current US Rep. Dennis Kucinich? That’s absolutely pathetic.

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