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Insects Over Dollars

Here’s an amusing tale of animal rights lunacy in action.

When bridal shop owner Nancy Owen found ants in her store, she had two choices: relocate the critters or relocate her shop. Extermination was not an option.

That’s because the landlord of the Austin shopping center where her store was located is a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The landlord imposed strict rules on tenants requiring that no meat or animal product be sold in their stores, and that no animals including ants be harmed.

“If you don’t have to cause animals to suffer even the animals we don’t understand so well like ants or mice or chickens why not choose to be kind rather than to be cruel? asked PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich.

I feel sorry for these business owners, who have a landlord who cares more about insects than he does enabling them to make a profit.  And when the landowner goes bacnrupt through lack of tenants, I hope that one of the current occupants buys it on the cheap and soaks it in pesticide.

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