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El Tubbo Muerte

Just how fat are Americans?  This fat.

“It’s not exactly rocket science that people have been getting larger - that’s been well known for 30 years,” said Allen Steadham, director of the International Size-Acceptance Association, a Texas-based support group for the obese. “People are living larger and they’re dying larger, and industries have to adapt to that situation.”

Keith and Julane Davis, who run the Goliath Casket company in Lynn, Indiana, said that when they set up business in the late 1980s they would sell just one triple-width coffin a year. Nowadays every month they ship four or five of these vast caskets - 44in across, as opposed to a standard 24in, and capable of holding a body weighing up to 700lbs without “losing its integrity”.

These caskets also come with optional drink holders, crane hooks, and room for 16 pallbearers.  Perhaps Michael Moore could come out with his own signature series coffin?

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