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That’s Not Mine!

You ever watch that show C.O.P.S.?  The officers will find some drugs in a car, and the driver will inevitably say, “That’s not mine.” The cop replies by saying, “Well, it’s your car, you were driving, therefore they’re your drugs.” Well, the cops just found a huge uranium doobie in Iran’s car ashtray, and Iran is blaming it on someone else.

Iran acknowledged yesterday that traces of highly enriched uranium have been found at a second site in the country, but insisted the source was contaminated equipment purchased from another country.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s representative to the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, said traces of highly enriched uranium have been found at the Kalay-e Electric Co, just west of Tehran.

But Salehi ruled out that the enriched uranium found at the site, and another facility at Natanz, had been produced in Iran. A government spokesman said Iran’s right to have a peaceful nuclear programme will not be compromised.

If you were buying used nuclear equipment from someone else, wouldn’t you check it for exposed weapons-grade fissionable material first?  I know I would.

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