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The Coup

Following up on this post, it looks like Arianna Huffington is indeed going to drop out of the governor’s race. 

ndependent candidate Arianna Huffington scheduled a TV appearance Tuesday night amid reports that she was considering dropping out of the recall race and throwing her support to Gov. Gray Davis in order to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tuesday night’s appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” comes a day after Huffington expressed concern about the momentum of the Schwarzenegger campaign.

“She’s been talking to all her supporters, campaign staff and donors,” Van Jones, Huffington’s chief grassroots organizer, said Tuesday. “So we’re figuring out the best way for her to position herself so she can maximize opposition to the Schwarzenegger coup.”

coup: (n) A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover.

In other words, according to the left the exercising of a constitutional recall option, then being elected through democratic constitutional processes is the same as using military force to appropriate power.  I wonder if Arianna was leading in the elections if they would still consider it a coup?  Methinks not.

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