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Don’t Blame the Morons

And the bloodsucking trial lawyers score another victory in the “blame everyone except yourself” department.

A man whose legs were paralyzed when fellow Ball State students toppled a goal post after a 2001 football upset of Toledo is suing the goal post maker.

Andrew Bourne, 23, of Liberty, Ind., and his parents are suing Marty Gilman Inc. of Gilman, Conn., claiming the aluminum posts were “designed and constructed in a manner which allowed them to suddenly snap and collapse.”

The suit says Bourne was in the end zone when he was struck and that he suffered a broken leg and vertebrae “resulting in paralysis.”

Can you imagine what is going to happen if this numb nuts wins?  Every goalpost manufacturer in the country is going to have to re-engineer their products to provide enough structural integrity so that a bunch of drunken louts can safely hand off it without it falling down.  Unbelievable.

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