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She’s Outta There

If you ever needed evidence of just how completely full of shit Arianna Huffington is, here you go.

With her campaign support mired in the low single digits, independent candidate Arianna Huffington announced Tuesday evening that she is pulling out of the California gubernatorial recall race and will work to defeat it.

“I’m pulling out and I’m going to concentrate every ounce of time and energy for the next week fighting to defeat the recall because I realize that that’s the only way now to defeat [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the 53-year-old writer and media commentator said on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

“I was against the recall in principle. I’ve always believed this is not the way to run a democracy. But I also saw the opportunity provided to elect with a simple plurality an independent progressive governor.”

So, she was against the recall until she decided to run in it, then she was for it.  Now, that it has been shown that she had virtually no voter appeal, she’s dropped out of the race and is now against the recall.  Do you think that, had she been the front runner, she would have regained her distaste for the recall process?  I doubt it.  This woman is as much of a flip-flopping political opportunist as Bill Clinton.

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