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The Wonders of Diversity

Diversity:  It’s also a health issue!

Greater diversity on college campuses significantly lowers rates of binge drinking among high-risk students, according to results of a Harvard University study released Thursday.

The research may enable college administrators to fine-tune their admissions and housing policies to cut rates of binge drinking, study authors said.

“If you have younger white males together to the exclusion of other groups, you’re going to have fewer role models for lighter or nondrinking behavior,” Henry Wechsler, the study’s lead author, told Reuters. “That may explain why fraternities have had such a high level of drinking problems.”

I would say that no matter what the levels of “diversity” on campuses the white kids will still hang out with the white kids, the black kids will hang with the black kids, and so on.  This study is nothing but junk science justification for the forced implementation of the far left’s social agenda.  “You will have black friends!  Otherwise you’ll drink yourself to death!”

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