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One Fish Two Fish Die Infidel Dogs

The Religion of Peace™ and the Great Egyptian Sticker War.

First came the fish bumper stickers, imported from the United States and pasted on cars by members of Egypt’s Coptic minority as a symbol of their Christianity. Before long, some Muslims responded with their own bumper stickers: fish-hungry sharks.

It’s not exactly war at sea, but the competing symbols that have cropped up on Cairo streets are a tiny reminder of the tensions between Egypt’s Copts and majority Muslims. Some Christians are annoyed at the Muslim response.

“All I wanted to say is that I am a Christian, kind of expressing my Coptic identity,’’ said 25-year-old Miriam Greiss, who has a fish sticker on her car. “I think choosing a shark doesn’t make sense, as if someone is saying, `I am a violent, bloody creature, look at me.’’’

Emad, a Muslim, laughed when asked about the competing symbols but was unapologetic about the two shark stickers on his car.

“The Christians had the fish so we responded with the shark. If they want to portray themselves as weak fishes, OK. We are the strongest,’’ said Emad, who would give only his first name.

How dare you portray yourselves as strong!  Allah must be the strongest!  You are weak and we are strong!

The Arab mindset in action, folks.  Why do they hate us?  Because to them it’s a huge pissing contest, and they’ve been losing for the past 1,000 years.  That’s quite a bitter pill for Allah’s Children to swallow.

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