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Boo Hoo for Bums

I think I’ve made my opinion of San Francisco’s homeless population well known in the past.  (See here and here for a refresher.) If you want to see an example of the type of bleeding heart boo-hoo attitude that enables these subhumans to exist here, take a look at this.

It’s called Homeless Island by the shopkeepers who work near it and the street sweepers who clean it; to the homeless, it is just the Island.

The inhabitants live hand-to-mouth, sleep on the cement and abuse booze and drugs, mostly heroin. There are at least 3,000 others like them in San Francisco, social workers say. They are known as the “hard core,” the people most visible on the streets, the most difficult to help.

And like Tommy Rettig, they are the ones most likely to die—as 169 did last year.

Homeless Island is at the nexus of 12th and Mission streets and South Van Ness Avenue, in an area where the homeless turfs of crack and heroin junkies meet. About a dozen people form the nucleus of the colony, coming and going, and others drift in and out as well, sometimes staying away for weeks at a time.

Pedestrians, bicyclists and thousands in their cars stream by every day, passing within a few feet and barely glancing at them.

When the traffic light turns red on South Van Ness’ six busy lanes, the Islanders thread through the cars, panhandling with hand-penned cardboard signs. “Signing,” they call it.

Some commuters on their way to or from Highway 101 roll down their windows and give cash. Most don’t. On a good day, a busy “signer” can pull down $40.--—--

Until his death in September, Tommy Rettig was the leader of Homeless Island.

Tommy was the one who’d spent about seven years teaching them how to word their panhandling signs, how to work the traffic without getting crushed, where to sleep. Plenty of days, he gave away his last sandwich, or his last shot of heroin.

It’s not like anyone planned some sort of community, Tommy noted with a dry little laugh last summer. It just happened.

If these people put half the effort into improving their lives as they do trying to figure out a way to perfect their homelessness maybe there wouldn’t be such a problem here.  The fact remains that San Francisco still gives bums $400 a month just for being bums, and there is a huge business here being a legal advocate to enable these filthy vermin to live as filthy vermin.  The bleeding heart attitude shown to these people encourages them and enables them to remain drug addicted human refuse who die in the gutter of disease or neglect.

I ask you, how is enabling this lifestyle in any way shape or form compassionate?  The liberals seem to think it is.  It is indisputable, however, that none of these bums want to help themselves, they just want to remain bums, and if it wasn’t for the bleeding heart attitudes of the people in this city they wouldn’t be able to do so.  You’re never going to be able to “end” homelessness, but you damn sure don’t need to support and encourage it.

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