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Oh So Brawny

Gee whiz, am I on the cutting edge of pop culture or what?  Back in October of last year I posted a link to a contest where you could vote for the new Brawny paper towel guy.  Well, the fine folks at Brawny have made their selection.

For the past two years, the folks at Georgia-Pacific Corp. have researched, focus-group-tested and debated the first significant change of the lumberjack look-alike in his 29 years.

Old Brawny Man was so out of date that some execs at Georgia-Pacific, which acquired the line in 2000, referred to him as “the ‘70s porn guy.” He became “a man female shoppers wanted to break up with,” said Gino Biondi, director of Georgia-Pacific’s paper towel brands. “They want a guy they can fantasize about.”

Georgia-Pacific wants a guy who can boost slipping sales. Brawny’s share of the $3 billion paper towel business has fallen from 14 percent to 11 percent since the ‘80s, a distant second to Procter & Gamble Co.’s Bounty. Georgia-Pacific has invested $500 million in a pair of plants to make Brawny stronger, softer and more absorbent, and rolled out the new face with the new towel two months ago.

Packages of Brawny paper towels with the old icon—blond hair, mustache—have been disappearing from supermarket shelves since November. In their place are rolls featuring the New Brawny Man: younger, clean-shaven, dark-haired, ethnically ambiguous, wearing red flannel over a white T-shirt (instead of Old Brawny Man’s blue denim), drawn with a far more visible, powerful torso.

I guess he did look like a 70s porn guy, huh?  Here’s a picture of the new Brawny guy.  What do you think, ladies?

See, the good thing is, if he gets you hot, you can use a Brawny paper towel to dry yourself off.  They’re creating their own demand.  Caliente!

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