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Help Wanted

According to the lefties, even though the economy is booming, people without jobs will never vote for Bush.  Well, that number just got a whole lot lower.

The number of people filing new claims for jobless benefits last week dropped to the lowest level in nearly three years, a dose of good news for President Bush who wants the economy on firm footing as he heads into his re-election campaign.

Nice bias there, AP.  I’m sure that the president wants people to have jobs because it is a good thing, and any benefits to his campaign are a secondary or tertiary concern.  That’s like saying “The surgeon wanted the patient to live because he was being considered for a promotion.”

The Labor Department reported Wednesday that new applications filed for unemployment insurance dropped by a seasonally adjusted 15,000 to 339,000 for the week ending Dec. 27. Last week’s drop marked the third week in a row that claims fell, and left claims at their lowest level since Jan. 20, 2001 Bush’s inauguration day.

Claims have been below 400,000 for 13 consecutive weeks, something economists view as a sign that the fragile labor market may be turning a corner.

The latest snapshot of the labor market suggested that America’s businesses are feeling more confident that the economic recovery is genuine, and thus are less inclined to hand out pink slips to workers, economists said.

“It is encouraging that this final piece of the puzzle the labor market may be falling into place. It’s a great economic note to end the year on,” said Richard Yamarone, economist with Argus Research Corp. [Emphasis added]

Note the highlighted sentence above.  Jobless claims are at their lowest level since the day Bush was innaugurated.  In other words, they’re as low as they were the day Bush inherited Clinton’s tanking economy.  With the economy skyrocketing upward, good times are ahead for the next few years, a boom of Reaganesque proportions.

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