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John Howard = Hitler

More crushing of dissent in Australia.

TWO peace activists who painted No War on the Sydney Opera House were today sentenced to nine months periodic detention.

David Burgess, 33, and Will Saunders, 42, were convicted late last year of malicious damage after painting No War on the tallest sail of the Opera House on March 18, 2003.

NSW District Court Judge Anthony Blackmore today sentenced the pair to nine months weekend jail and ordered they jointly pay $111,000 compensation to the Sydney Opera House Trust.

Earlier in today’s proceedings the pair handed over a cheque for $40,000 to the trust.

The pair painted the slogan on the Sydney landmark in a protest against Australia’s involvement in the war in Iraq. Judge Blackmore said it did not matter whether the graffiti was done to make a political statement, it was still malicious damage.

What?  You mean that having leftist political beliefs does not give you carte blanche to vandalize property and defy the law?  Horrifying!  Only in fascist Australia would this take place!  How can this happen?  Is John Ashcroft also the AG of Australia?  FASCISM!  FASCISM!

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