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Disgraceful Teenagers

Don’t these girls get it?

Seven teenagers, imbued with spunk and perseverance, have accomplished what movie operators, developers and politicians could not: They’ve landed a 12-screen cinema for downtown Petaluma.

Fulfilling a longshot dream born one lazy November afternoon in 2001, the seven girls have persuaded a local developer to build a movie complex downtown. That will give teens a bit of independence when they want to take in the latest film fantasy—instead of relying on parents to ferry them back and forth to theaters in nearby cities, they’ll be able to just walk down the block. ...

Petaluma, a city of 54,000, has suffered a cinematic void since the spring of 2001, when Los Angeles-based Pacific Theaters closed the eight- screen Petaluma Cinemas. Since Cinema West—which will operate the new complex—shuttered its five-screen theater the year before, Petalumans had to head to Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa or Novato to see a movie.

No more. The $9 million, 1,400-seat theater on the corner of Petaluma Boulevard and C Street will cover about 30,000 square feet, said White, president of Basin Street Properties, a prominent Petaluma development firm that has revitalized much of Petaluma’s historic core and is taking on the project. Four theaters dedicated to showing films from independent producers will be housed in an existing brick building, which sported cutouts of the Terminator, Elvis, Sylvester Stallone and other movie idols for Thursday’s ceremony. Another eight screens for Hollywood ventures will be enclosed in the building to be constructed.

“Communities throughout California have found downtown theaters attract foot traffic and help revitalize the downtown,” said Dave Corkill, owner of Cinema West.

These girls have it all backwards.  When you want to accomplish something you do NOT go about it this way.  What they should have done was appealed to their local elected representatives, who should have passed a law requiring any movie theater wanting to do business in the country to build a complex in downtown Petaluma.  That, my friends, is the way that you get things done!  I mean, what did these girls do?  They went to a developer (Boo!  Hiss!) and explained to them why it was in their economic interests (Greed!) to build a theater in the area.  The tactic shown by these girls smacks of rugged individualism, capitalism, and communal benefit through individual self-interest.  It’s just disgusting the way these girls got exactly what they wanted by unleashing the awesome power of the free market.

This is NOT the way that activism is supposed to take place! I mean, if these girls can get what they want by utilizing market forces and bypassing their elected officials, what is to stop more people from doing so?  Pretty soon there won’t be much of a need for local government!

The horror…

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