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Boycott Anti-Semitic Leftists

Many of you undoubtedly unaware of this, but if you type www.boycottisraeligoods.com into your browser you will be redirected to this site.  About a year ago I was contacted by the original owner of that domain.  He told me that he had registered it specificallly to prevent anti-semitic leftist jerkoffs from doing so, but for one reason or another he was unable to maintain the domain, and wanted to know if I would take it over, so that anyone looking for info on boycotting Israeli goods would end up right here at good old Right-Thinking.  I of course jumped at the chance.  I’m blogging on this because I received an email this morning from some asshat who was upset that he went to the wrong website.

I got to your site when I typed boycottisraeligoods.com into my browser, forgetting that the site I wanted was a .org.  Isn’t a bit shady, sneaky, and underhanded to buy up the domain names similar to those of sites with which you disagree so that you can annoy people trying to find them?  And isn’t it pretty damn petty as well? 

Here’s my emailed response in its entirety.

Hi Andrew.  My answer to you?  Fuck off and die, you terrorist-supporting, anti-semitic scumbag.

What an asshole.

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