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Don’t Be Haiti’n

One of the first major acts by President Bill Clinton was to send the Marines into Haiti to reinstall their first democratically-elected corrupt, incompetent left-wing dictator.  Now President Bush is fixing that mistake, just the latest in a long line of looming disasters left on his plate by the previous administration.

The United States has blamed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide for the bloody revolt he is facing and has called on him to leave power for the good of his country.

As armed rebels pushed closer to the capital Port-au-Prince, the White House said Aristide needed to accept responsibility for breaching democratic principles and dividing the country.

“This long-simmering crisis is largely of Mr. Aristide’s making,” the White House said in a written statement. “His own actions have called into question his fitness to continue to govern Haiti.”

“We urge him to examine his position carefully, to accept responsibility, and to act in the best interests of the people of Haiti,” the White House added.

The harsh words from the Bush administration added to pressure on Aristide. France has also called on him to quit in order to help resolve an armed rebellion that began on February 5.

“His failure to adhere to democratic principles has contributed to the deep polarisation and violent unrest that we are witnessing in Haiti today,” the White House statement added.

President George W. Bush, who faces a re-election vote in November, was criticised by Democratic front-runner John Kerry for “neglect” of the political instability in Haiti. The Massachusetts senator had called for the naming of a special envoy to help end the crisis.

I think Kerry is right, we should send a special envoy.  Who to send?  Again, I recommend Al Sharpton.  He’s a black liberal Democrat who has been very critical of Bush.  He’s volunteered to go.  Why not send him?  How much more magnanimous and presidential could you be, sending as your special envoy a guy who wants your job? 

How could sending him possibly hurt the Bush administration?  If he actually manages to accompliosh something—unlikely—Kerry and Edwards are going to be placed in the position of having to publicly kiss his big fat ass, and the Democrat Party will have to give in to his racial extortion in order to deliver the black vote in November.  Even if Sharpton fails Kerry and Edwards are going tyo have to laud his bravery and idealism.  Besides, Bush is being blamed for the Hatian situation anyway.

Haitian activists Friday accused the Bush administration of covertly supporting opposition forces to oust President Aristide from power.

“The Bush administration is again engaged in regime change by armed aggression,” former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark said. “This time, the armed aggression is against the administration of the democratically elected president of Haiti.”

Ramsey Clark is a “Hatian activist”?  Exactly what does one have to do to earn that mantle, speak out against the Bush administration?  Notice that when he was doing so over Iraq he wasn’t referred to as a “Ba’ath party activist.” (Oh, that liberal media.)

Activists at a Friday press briefing outlined what they believe to be a well-crafted plan by the Bush administration to overthrow Aristide. Former Haitian military members, drug dealers and militants were armed and trained in the Dominican Republic thanks to military support from the United States. They have now crossed the border into Haiti, activists said. ...

“Policy is being engineered, just like when the U.S. wanted to overthrow the Sandinista government,” said Ben Dupuy, secretary-general of the National Popular Party of Haiti. Covert CIA operations in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and the Congo were also mentioned by activists, who repeatedly called for the United States to cease any involvement in the Caribbean nation.

Yeah, how horrible of us to want to overthrow the Sandanistas, a Marxist pro-Soviet government.  Allow me to remind you, gentle reader, that in the first democratically held elections in Nicaragua—monitored by Jimmy Carter, no less!— the people threw the Sandanistas out on their ass, That’s how popular they were.

“The U.S. talks about democracy, but it’s their democracy, not the people’s democracy,” Dupuy said.

And the Hatians talk about democracy, but they’re a bunch of corrupt dictatorial thugs who couldn’t give two shits about their people.  But whining and blaming evil old America is much easier than, ya know, actually dealing with the problems there.

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