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Teach Your Children Well

When out good friends the French aren’t out beating Jews or burning synagogues they’re teaching their children about America.

In January, a cartoon festival was held in the town of Carquefou, just outside of Nantes in the northwest corner of France. Students of all ages competed in a contest to illustrate their vision of the United States. They drew obese Americans devouring Coca-Cola and McDonald’s hamburgers. They drew the Statue of Liberty with fangs or in chains or being run over by a wicked Uncle Sam on a motorcycle. And they drew George W. Bush: Bush riding a tank to war; Bush taking over the world; Bush as a liar; Bush as a monster.

There were a few lighthearted drawings of Hollywood and Las Vegas and fast food (hamburgers, always hamburgers) but, predominantly, from ages 8 to 18, the French students sketched images of a fierce and fearsome country. One cartoon summed up American villainy with a series of three hands. The first was a fist representing Stalin’s Russia. The second was a saluting palm, representing Hitler’s Germany. The third was another fist clutching a cross, representing Bush’s America.

Stalin, Hitler and Bush—one French student’s axis of evil. ...

Should we really expect anything less from a country where Bowling for Columbine is part of the official elementary school curriculum?

At one point, as we stood onstage getting our pictures taken with yet another student being awarded a prize for yet another anti-American image, I turned to Benson and said I felt like one of the Dixie Chicks, the all-girl country singers who got heat in the heartland for denouncing their president at a concert in Europe. We realized it was one thing for us to point out our country’s flaws in our daily cartoons and [quite another to see our homeland portrayed in such brutal imagery by French schoolkids echoing what they hear from their parents and teachers and see in the media.  [Emphasis added]

And true American patriots like Michael Moore, who travels the world fomenting just these types of paranoid, brutal charicatures, making millions and millions of dollars for himself by giving Europeans justification for their hatred of this country.

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