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One in the Same?

A question for Michael Moore fans:  is this censorship?

Fox television said Thursday it has canceled plans to air a two-hour special titled “Seriously, Dude, I’m Gay,” in which two straight men compete for $50,000 by trying to pass themselves off as homosexuals.

A network spokeswoman said the reality show, which had been slated to air June 7, was pulled off the schedule “for creative reasons” after Fox executives previewed the program.

Fox, after agreeing to air a controversial show, has changed its mind and opted not to.  The creators of this show are free to find another network on which to air it.  This is virtually identical to the situation with Moore and Disney, except that Moore was told a year ago that the Mouse wouldn’t distribute the film.

So, is this censorship?  If not, what is the distinction between this and Moore?  And if it is censorship, why aren’t the lefties going crazy about the latest example of an evil corporation stifling free speech?

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