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Show the Movie

Meet the newest member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy™.

The sister of Nick Berg, the contractor from the Philadelphia suburbs who was beheaded earlier this month in Iraq, says she’s dumbfounded by reports that liberal icon Michael Moore had filmed an interview with her late brother for his new anti-war film.

“I’m very skeptical of this,” said Sara Berg, a Virginia attorney whose brother’s beheading sparked a global uproar.

But she said there was no way to confirm that Moore had sent a tape of the reported 20-minute interview to their parents’ home in West Chester, as the filmmaker suggested in a statement Thursday, because the couple has been away.

What?  You mean it’s possible Moore might be… lying?  I’m shocked, I tell you… shocked!

So, how would a completely unknown young wannabe contractor like Berg come to the attention of Moore, whose anti-President Bush screed “Dude, Where’s My Country?” was the best-selling book in the nation at the time?

Stranger than that: Why would Moore or his crew interview Berg for “Fahrenheit 9/11” for 20 minutes, when Berg’s family insists the slain contractor was pro-Bush and supported the American military action in Iraq?

Excellent questions, aren’t they?  Why, it’s almost like Moore is using the beheading of this young man as free publicity for his upcoming film.

One thing to remember, Moore fans.  When you see F911 remember that none of the footage on Iraq was actually shot by Mikey himself.  He used mercenaries private contractors.

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