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A Traitor’s Love

Now this guy is Michael Moore’s kind of soldier.

The defense for Spc. Ryan Anderson faces a black-and-white challenge: The tank crewman is shown on videotape willingly sharing military information with federal undercover agents he believed to be al Qaeda members.

Anderson, 27, was set to begin his court martial Monday on charges he tried to help the terrorist group. The trial at Fort Lewis, south of Seattle, was expected to last five days.

Anderson pleaded innocent August 9 to five counts of trying to provide the al Qaeda terrorist network with information about U.S. troop strength and tactics, as well as methods for killing American soldiers.

Anderson, a member of the Washington National Guard’s 81st Armor Brigade now in Iraq, faces life in prison without parole. A conviction requires agreement by two-thirds of a panel of commissioned officers. ...

Anderson was raised Lutheran but began studying Islam while attending Washington State University.

Wow, a traitor to America and a convert to the Religion of Peace!  Whod’a ever thought those two things could go together!

“While I love my country, I think the leaders have taken this horrible road,” he said on the video. “I have no belief in what the American Army has asked me to do. They have sent me to die.”

And that, my friends, is exactly the message that Michael Moore wants to hear from soldiers.  The fact that the people who hold this view are often times traitors to their country shouldin no way question their patriotism.  Right, lefties?

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