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Slip Sliding Away

And the convention isn’t even over yet.

President Bush has eroded John Kerry’s lead in two big battleground states that voted Democratic four years ago, complicating the Massachusetts senator’s electoral landscape.

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup polls show Bush narrowly ahead in Wisconsin and the candidates even in Pennsylvania, a state that is crucial to Democratic hopes of winning in November.

As the Republican National Convention opens today, the president’s prospects seem to be brightening in some states that could determine the outcome Nov. 2.

“This is historically a challenger’s strongest time,” before the incumbent’s convention, says Ken Mehlman, Bush’s campaign manager. “For John Kerry to have not gained ground and perhaps even be losing ground has to be very troubling to their campaign.”

Now, obviously things can change between now and November, but given Kerry’s lack of any sort of boost after the donvention, and the fact that he’s been losing ground lately just about everywhere, this is really a good sign for the Bush team.

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