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Killing Cops

The Minutemen and Revolutionaries™, who want nothing more than to expel the fascist Crusaders from their country, have struck again.

As Iraqi and U.S. forces prepared a offensive against rebels in Baghdad, two suicide bombers outside a government office in Hilla killed 16 police officers and wounded 35 others Monday.

The bombers, who were wearing explosive vests, detonated themselves at about 9:10 a.m. (1:10 a.m. EDT), authorities said.

Hilla is located about 60 miles (100 km) south of the Iraqi capital.

The left can keep deluding themselves, but the people we are fighting are authoritarian fascists.  Anyone or anything involved in trying to set up a reasonable representative democracy and restore order and freedom to the Iraqi people are their enemy.  And then there’s this interesting tidbit.

Meanwhile, in an early morning raid, Iraqi and U.S. forces arrested the head of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) and his three sons in a northwestern Baghdad neighborhood, police sources said.

Mohsen Abdul Hameed—a Sunni Arab and a former member of Iraq’s Governing Council—and his sons were taken into custody during the 6 a.m. Monday operation in the al-Khadhra section of the capital.

No reason was given for Hameed’s arrest, police sources said, while the U.S. military could not confirm it had taken place.

The arrest came a day after a statement released by the IIP questioned plans by Iraqi and U.S. forces to stage a crackdown on insurgents in Baghdad—Operation Lightning.

“Our party looks with concern at the Operation Lightening (sic) announced by the interior and defense ministers on Thursday,” the statement said.

“It is feared that the operation is an extension of the previous practices of the American forces and then Iraqi forces and which, we believe, lacked the strategic vision in how to deal with the complicated security file in Iraq.”

Basically these two dicks went and announced publicly the details of the operation before it happened, thus tipping off the Islamofascist forces that they were about to get the smack laid down on them.

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