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Don’t Blame Me

As usual, it’s all society’s fault.

A man who recently was fired from his job at an elementary school is accused of shooting a state highway patrol trooper nine times after a traffic stop.

Trooper Brandon Brashear, 27, of Grain Valley, remained hospitalized Monday in critical but stable condition.

Authorities said Brashear was shot by the suspect early Saturday as the trooper got out of his car. The suspect then chased him into the highway median, continuing to shoot him with a 9 mm assault rifle, police said.

Tommy R. Rollins Jr., 26, of Grandview, was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and armed criminal action and was being held without bond. He told reporters Sunday that he didn’t mean to shoot Brashear.

“It was just temporary insanity. I wasn’t even thinking when I did it,” he said. “The society’s what caused me to do what I did. Just look at the society we live in.”

Jackson County Prosecutor Michael Sanders said Rollins’ blame was misplaced.

“Mr. Rollins can try to blame anyone he wants to blame, but the reality is, society wasn’t out there pulling that trigger,” Sanders said.

This is, unfortunately, the inevitable end result of 40 years of the left telling everyone that they’re not responsible for their own actions; that everything needs to be viewed in terms of oppression; that individual failures are actually failures of society.  If this trooper happens to die, hopefully society will rectify its complicity by executing the worthless bastard. 

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