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Point of discussion: chicks with tattoos.  Am I the only one that doesn’t like tattoos on girls?  I don’t mind one or two little, feminine ones.  But the trend today for females is for these big, gaudy tattoos on arms and calves and necks.  I think this looks pretty repulsive on women.  And don’t even get me started on piercings.

Any of you guys out there dig ink on chicks?  Can you explain it to me?

Update: What got me interested in posting this was last night I went to the supermarket to buy some soda, and there was a girl in line ahead of me.  Cute chick, looked pretty normal, about college age, almost looked like a sorority type.  Except her entire right arm was covered in a tattoo.  She was sleeved.  She didn’t look like she was into the hardcore tattoo scene, she looked like a gal who made a really bad decision.  And I was just curious if there was anyone out here who liked this sort of thing, and if so, could you explain the appeal.

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