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Fly the Deadly Skies

Yeah, making airport screeners federal employees has worked out so well.

Two people were arrested Thursday night for allegedly trying to board a plane with guns at Philadelphia International Airport.

NBC 10 News has learned, and the FBI has confirmed that the men were just one step away from boarding an American Airlines flight sometime after 8 p.m. Thursday.

Sources told NBC 10 News that Timothy Robinson, of Philadelphia, and Steven Lundy, of Roselle, N.J., cleared the first checkpoint and were headed toward the airplane when an American Airlines representative looked at their paperwork and saw that the men were posing as police officers. The representative felt uncomfortable because she didn’t think that they were really police officers, so she called the police department.

FBI agents said that the two men showed airport officials fake badges and fake police identification cards to clear security with the loaded handguns. They also filled out paperwork claiming that they were private police. Authorities said one gun was a .357 Magnum and the second gun was a 9 mm.

The Transportation and Safety Administration launched an investigation and the FBI arrested both men.

Robinson and Lundy were taken to the federal building in downtown Philadelphia Friday and were arraigned on charges connected to posing as polce officers and attempting to board an airplane with firearms.

Your government at work.  You know, maybe when someone shows up at an airport and flashes a badge, rather than the McDonald’s employee verifying their ID, how about we have an actual airport cop on duty do it?

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