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Wash It and Reuse It

Ah, the joys of socialism.

Shoppers in Finland raided shelves for toilet paper Wednesday in fear of it running out as a lockout of workers kept the Nordic country’s paper mills shut.

“As soon as we get a delivery, the packages vanish off the shelves. The big bags go first,” said Hille Laine, manager of a central Helsinki shop which had no tissue paper products left.

Paper makers enforced a four-week lockout on May 18 following a two-day strike by workers. The dispute in the key export sector is mainly over industry’s plans to scrap mill shutdowns during some holidays and on the use of outside labor.

The latest round of talks between workers and employers ended without a deal Wednesday, meaning that the lockout will continue at least until Monday when they are due meet again.

Perhaps if the strike continues, the smell from everyone in the country walking around with a dirty ass will be enough of an incentive to get both sides back to the negotiating table.

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