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Monday, February 07, 2011

Union Rule

So last week, the Administration announced that they would end privatization of airport security, despite the proven success of such efforts (the TSA’s own study showed private screeners were as good, if not better, than TSA screeners.  They tried to bury the report).

So on Friday, the other shoe dropped:

TSA Administrator John Pistole announced for the first time Friday that he would allow security officers to bargain over certain workplace conditions like shifts and assignments. The decision follows months of lobbying by the two unions vying to represent them—screeners are set to vote next month on whether to unionize and, if so, with whom. In making his decision, Pistole vowed that the TSA “will not negotiate on security.”

The Senate is trying to put the kibosh on this, but I doubt it will get through a filibuster and Obama.  Especially with the Democrats currently rallying the troops against even the most modest cuts in government programs.

They still don’t fucking get it, do they?

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