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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Want to bet this would be all over the news if a republicans were in charge of things?

Last week I pointed out to my wife that the price of gas had gone up almost 20 cents in just 3 short weeks here in Connecticut, with no real reason for this hike to happen that I could tell of. The US economy is still in a slump, people are cutting back on discretionary stuff, and trips definitely fall in that category, I don’t know of any new state or federal taxes or mandates imposing new gas regulations that might impact price, and while the energy industry is likely switching over to production of heating oil in preparation for winter - one I have a feeling is going to be a doozie up here in the North East – and this might impact available gasoline supply and thus price, nothing else came to mind that could drive such a drastic price jump. Even more interesting was the fact that nobody was talking about this news.

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