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Monday, December 06, 2010

Weird science?

Seems like even the lefty scientists have become fed up with all those promises about how demcorats would honor real science unlike his predecessor. You have to wonder how bad it is now with team Obama in charge when you see stuff like this

While some other constituencies are deserting him, Obama largely still has the support of the scientific community. He is seen as a friend of science, who with his allies in Congress ensured that a generous dollop of stimulus spending was devoted to research.

But scientists mustn’t allow their fondness for this President to constrain their criticism of his administration, if it is justified. The long delay in the scientific integrity policy is worrying, and when it finally appears it must be scrutinised in detail, and criticised loudly if it fails to deliver the goods.

I have no clue why scientists would ever believe that collectivists really cared about real science of any kind. Do they not remember the way old communist doctrine affected Soviet scientists and science? Why do they think the progressives are going to be any better or different? Sure, these leftists get all defensive of science, demanding real science be given free reign, every time some one points out science might need some limits, so we can avoid Dr. Frankenstein or some such nonsense, but do you really think people that think the end justifies the means wouldn’t politicize science? I am surprised that these are the few instances where it has been so blatant that it was unavoidable. Maybe its still about the money. Pfeh.

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