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Friday, October 08, 2010

We’re Voting Republican

O. M. F. G.

Several people have posted this piece of shit up on facebook.  I can not imagine anything smarmier, stupider or less informed.  They even managed to claim Republicans want to restore “separate but equal” laws.  Here’s the video, then my text response about “Why I’m voting Democrat.” I go point by point, so you can read and watch/listen at the same time.

We’re voting Democrat because we love it when they use eminent domain laws to give cheap real estate to their buddies. Because they keep places lakes Walmart out of poor neighborhoods where they could provide jobs and save people money. Because are protectionist fools who think the future for Americans consists of jobs in textile mills.

We’re voting Democrat because we want medical research to be controlled by Washington. We want 500-some lawyers deciding which medical treatments we should get and which we shouldn’t. As long as “the rich” get as shitty healthcare as the rest of us, we’re fine with that.  And we’re voting Democrat to make sure that experimental medicines aren’t given “compassionate use” waivers for the dying. We’re voting Democrat because we want to strangle the evil pharmaceutical companies in whose pockets the Democrats are, hopefully destroying future medications.

We’re voting Democrat because they spend so much money on education with no noticeable effect. We love that they killed the only hope of thousands of DC students—the voucher program that, in two years, showed more success than any other initiative yet tried.

We’re voting Democrat because women (and men) can’t be trusted to make decisions about healthcare, education, retirement, investments, credit cards, mortgages or really, anything other than whether to abort a fetus.

We’re voting Democrat because we can’t understand that it’s possible to save the environment without destroying jobs and empowering government.

We’re voting Democrats because we love race-bating.

(Breaking character for a moment, this was the one part—separate but equal—that sent my rage-o-meter through the roof.  Separate but equal was an invention of the Democrats, destroyed by partially by Republican leadership over endless Democratic filibusters.  To say that Republicans want to bring it back is beneath contempt.)

We’re voting Democrat because they have pussed out on almost every single gay issues that has come down the pipe, failing to repeal DADT even though the vast majority of the American public now oppose it.

We’re voting Democrat because we like to be needlessly panicked that the Republicans are going to destroy environmental protections that were enshrined by that nobel Democrat ... uh, Richard Nixon. And strengthened by that nobel Democrats ... uh, George H. W. Bush.

We’re voting Democrat because we want ignorant luddite “greens” to be setting food policy.  We want the government to dictate whether we can drink soda or eat fatty foods.  And we want to make sure that small businesses get crushed by regulations that big businesses can easily weather. And we want to make sure that special waivers are given to companies like Mattel on lead-tainted toys.

We like “deregulation” that empowers companies like Enron. We think we need more people complaining about minorities in prison but continuing to prosecute the stupid War on Drugs anyway. That subsidized inefficient cars are awesome. That people are entitled to the labors of others. That jobs are created by poor people.

We’re voting Democrat because the parts of the Constitution that restrict government power are sooo old-fashioned. Because we think the whole world should be run by an unaccountable unelected body. Because other countries are superior to us, and we should embrace as much socialism as necessary to keep it that way. So we can stay in Afghanistan. Or go to Darfur.

Boy, beating straw men sure is fun.

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