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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yeah, I am rubbing it in…

One of the more interesting stories to go on this week, and obviously completely ignored or misreported on by the Lame Stream Media, is the story of Omar Khadr, a terrorist that was captured in Afghanistan at the age of 15, and whom had murdered a US Special Forces servicemen with a grenade, amongst other things. This kid, now 23, was a media darling, and even juicier, one of the many cases of “inhumane treatment and torture” the left accused the Bush Administration and our servicemen of being involved with at Gitmo. Even now they are haranguing the Obama administration for the fact this poor an innocent torture victim ended up in a military tribunal!

Yep, this week Omar Khadr’s trial, a military one and not the much promised civilian ones from the campaign trail, started. Funny that. Evil Bush was demonized for holding military tribunals and the evils of Gitmo. Obama ran and won on evil Bush, and especially the wars we were fighting in 2008, and yet today we have Obama not just continuing those, but expanding them. Oh yeah, before the usual libtard brings it up, let me point out that you should not be fooled by the claims Obama is pulling troops out of Iraq. First off, this isn’t Obama’s doing because his pullout was part of the Bush Administration’s time table, and we are leaving some 50K troops behind. And we all know Obama, to his credit, has stepped stuff up in Afghanistan. Even more telling is the fact that Gitmo is still open and in business. Guess being a bunch of holier-than-thou leftist twits that accused the Bush Administration of being an evil bunch of torturers that only concocted Club Gitmo to avoid scrutiny and be able to torture at their leisure and demanded/promised its closure, completely ignoring the reality on the ground, suddenly isn’t so easy when you have to deal with the problems, huh libtards?

And now that we are on the subject of Gitmo and torture, let me give you a piece of information I doubt you will get from the MSM. Remember those torture charges filed by the usual scumbag lawyers – no, these lawyers aren’t just doing their jobs, they want to screw over the US and are hoping to demonize our troops and country, so they are scumbags - defending these evil bastards? Well, the attempt to use them to suppress Khadr’s confession because they were obtained through torture have they have been summarily dismissed:

The decision by army Colonel Patrick Parrish came shortly after Mr. Khadr pleaded not guilty through his Pentagon-appointed defence lawyer to the five war crimes charges he faces. The ruling is a major blow to Mr. Khadr, who claimed in a February 2008 affidavit he was abused during interrogations after his capture at the end of a 2002 firefight with U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. The judge ruled a video apparently showing the suspect making and planting land mines is admissible, rejecting the defence argument it was obtained based on information coerced from him.

Oh the evil military judge screwed Khadr over! Well, no, because the video is damning:

In a video shown at the hearing yesterday, Mr. Khadr was seen telling Guantanamo Bay guards trying to weigh him for the International Red Cross “God will take ... revenge” on the United States. “I am here in prison, but there are millions of people outside,” he says in the May 2006 clip. “What’s happening to you is not for nothing.” In the February 2008 affidavit, Mr. Khadr, 23, alleged guards mistreated him during the weighing session, claiming they “pressed on my pressure points.”

The clip appears to show the guards acting with restraint as they push him toward the scale and point out all his “brothers”—a reference to other detainees—had been weighed without protest. “Come on man, it’s not that bad,” says one after Mr. Khadr claimed the treatment was a “very small example of what’s really going on” at the facility. “We’re not doing this to hurt you, torture you,” adds another, amid explanations his weight was needed for his health records. Although Mr. Khadr spent about 20 minutes resisting the guards, the tape hinted he had been playing to the camera as he switched from the English he used to speak to the guards to Arabic to speak to fellow detainees in nearby cells.

So the “torture” these libtard accused our troops of committing under direction from evil Bush? Yeah, weighing this bastard - while he was threatening our troops with murder and our country with destruction - so we can have accurate medical records to please the libturds that will try to turn everything and anything into an argument about the evils of America and its military.

And surprise, surprise! This bastard is obviously been coached on how to play to the camera to help the libturds do the dirty job of helping the Jihadists and their cause. Don’t expect the left to admit they where used – my take is that it is more complicity than used despite the claims from the lot of them to the contrary – yet again, and that the facts bear out quite a different narrative than the rampant torture stories we constantly are subjected to by them, though.

What’s the odds we are going to continue to hear from the usual suspects that they are ignoring the torture or white washing it – and even more important that it is happening under Obama’s reign (are we no longer an evil empire?) – going forward, despite yet more evidence there was no torture, and that these people will rethink their stance on Gitmo or the Bush Administration’s efforts to fight a vile and evil murderous bunch? Yeah, I know. Zilch.

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